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Take The Lyric Quiz!

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play.
Step 2: Write down the first line from the first 20 songs that play or close to it.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from. NO GOOGLING THE LYRICS!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

haha im bored, so i figured why not? :)

1. it's lonely sometime in the fast lane
2. our time has come
3. get a load of me, get a load of you [Liz Phair- "Why Can't I?" banana]
4. you only see what your eyes want to see [Madonna- "frozen", banana]
5. it starts with one thing i dont know why- [linkin park-"in the end", thinzar]
6. i've got something up my sleeve
7. the way you're bathed in light [Live- "Dolphin's Cry", banana]
8. fumbling his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him by [switchfoot- "meant to live", thinzar]
9. if you're listening, woah oh oh oh oh. [Jimmy eat world "sweetness", thinzar]
10. it's been a while since i've seen your face [Pepper- "Give it up", boob]
11. you can dress me up in diamonds [Ashlee Simpson- "La La", thinzar]
12. five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes [Rent- Seasons of Love, jen]
13. wash away the thoughts inside [Josh Groban- "Remember When It Rained" (except im listening to anthonys version, jen)]
14. I watched you change [Deftones- "Change", banana]
15. i've got another confession to make [The foo fighters- "Best of Me", thinzar]
16. fame is the fire, that fuels the dream ["You've got to want it", stina]
17. well it's all inside my mouth, it's not for sale
18. someone falls to pieces, sleeping all alone [Audioslave- "Be Yourself", Stina]
19. if i gave you the truth would it keep you alive [Seether- "truth", stina]
20. the strands in your eyes, color them wonderful [Edwin McCain "I'll Be" , again i was listening to ant's version, jen]

okay, so I did cheat by skipping because I had a bunch of chinese songs that you guys probably dont know :) and i added another line to some of these. but uhm, some of these are choir songs so if you can tell me the original singer/song it's all good too :)

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5. Linkin Park - "In The End"
8. Switchfood - "Meant To Live" (GAH, that one took me forever to figure out.)
9. Jimmy Eat World - "Sweetness"
10. Stand - "It's Been A While"
11. ...dammit, it sounds familiar!
15. Foo Fighters - "Best Of Me" (-_- That one I should've remembered the title right away, but noooo.)
rotfl 11 was popular for a long time
Blah, I had to Google it. I hate that song, so no wonder I didn't get it on my own. I never even listened to it all the way through when I could help it.


December 2 2005, 22:30:32 UTC 11 years ago

12. five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes (Rent!!)
Courtesy of my roommate, you can call her Banana:

3. Liz Phair - "Why Can't I"
4. Madonna - "Frozen"
7. Live - "Dolphin's Cry" ?
14. Deftones - she forgot hahaha

yay! good job :)
10. peppers - dirty hot sex
i mean. pepper. singular veggie.
and you meant "give it up" not, dirty hot sex?


December 2 2005, 23:31:25 UTC 11 years ago

yah. wotever. :D